Gizzymusic offers quality iPhone apps, created by and for professional musicians. Below you read more about the apps I have developed in co-operation with award winning musicians. If you are a musician yourself with a great idea for an app, you can contact me.

new: the odd metronome app

In co-operation with Tony Overwater, Boy Edgar award winning bass player and key player in the European Jazz scene, I have developed the "Odd Metronome" iPhone app. A revolutionary new metronome, allowing you to study contemporary as well as complex ethnic rhythms using an app that is extremely easy to use, and has extremely accurate timing.

The Odd Metronome is the ultimate study companion. Create any rhythmic pattern in any meter with three different sounds (low, medium, high). Just tap the note-values on the screen and the Odd Metronome will build the rhythm, calculate the meter and play it instantly. It offers you a wide array of possibilities: from a simple quarter note click to a complicated 47/8 rhythm. Itís up to your creativity.

The Odd Metronome offers various Latin, Arabic and metronome rhythms and you can easily create your own patterns. It uses standard rhythmical notation. This will also allow you to construct your rhythms using the popular Long-Short Method which creates rhythms from groups of two or three eight notes.

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